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Briton Door Closers

including LNC

The entire range of Briton dooe closers are available, from the ever popular 2000 series,to the heaviest floor springs.

The contract range
Level 1 - Low-Medium Duty Mechanical Door Controls - no options
Level 1 - Briton 121 Series
The Briton 121 Series provides a compact door closer � to suit fire doors and non fire doors. This series is an ideal solution for low traffic areas, where doors need to be self closing, for either fire protection or convenience.
� Fully certified to EN1154, EN1634 and CE Marked (Briton121CE - for fire
� Non-Fire Door variant also available (Briton 121)
� Fixed power size 3 (121CE for fire doors) or template adjustable power sizes 2-4 (121 for non-fire doors)
� Regular arm variant � with optional parallel and hold open arms and brackets available
� Range of 4 standard finishes with matching armsets
Level 2 - Briton 1100 Series
The new Briton 1100 Series is designed to provide a mid-range product with the choice of the most popular options, in a concise, cost-effective package.
The Briton 1100 Series includes:
� Fully certified to EN1154, EN1634, CE Marked and Certifire Approved CF388
� Template adjustable power sizes 2-4 (Briton 1110) and adjustable power sizes 2-4 with backcheck (Briton 1120B)
� Regular and Parallel arm variants
� 2 standard trimplate finishes
� 5 optional covers with black, silver or gold armsets
Level 3 - Briton 2000 Series
The Briton 2000 Series includes the UK�s number one door closing product, the Briton 2003. The complete Briton 2000 Series includes a wide range of power sizes and applications offering a comprehensive package of solutions to suit most door closing applications.
The Briton 2000 Series comprises:
� Fully certified to EN1154, EN1634, CE Marked and Certifire Approved CF111
� Fixed power sizes 2, 3 & 4
� Regular, Parallel and Track arm variants
� Xact-Fit installation system for all models
� Best selling Classic �C� cover � with colour-matched armsets
� Range of over 20 finishes
� Abiliy to suite with Briton 2100 Series for door sizes greater than 1100mm or applications requiring backcheck or delayed action

The Briton 2100 Series

with three body cover options and over 20 finishes
The total range comprises
� Adjustable strength heavy duty closer programme
� Adjustable strength extra heavy duty closer programme
� Adjustable strength track arm closer programme
� Adjustable strength track arm electromagnetic hold open unit

LCN Closers

Sizing Information
 Size  Max Door Size  Max Door Size
   Interior  Exterior
 1*   1372mm  1067mm
 2   864mm  -
 3  965mm  762mm
 4  1219mm  914mm
 5  1372mm  1067mm
 6  1524mm  1219mm

* For adjustable closers only (excluding 1460 and concealed models). Track style closers are only available in sizes 3 and 4 and are recommended for interior use only.

Briton also make panic hardware