Disklok “Original Edition” Steering Wheel Locks


Disklok is the strongest and most effective full cover steering wheel security lock in the world for cars and light commercial vehicles.

The reinforced, all steel construction makes the Disklok an extreme deterrent with its high visibility and reputation for durability, outlasting the attack times of all other steering wheel locks on the market today. The unique advantage it has over the competitors is its ability to spin on the wheel when attacked, preventing steering and damage to the vehicle’s own steering wheel lock. The Disklok will also help to:

  • Prevent airbag theft from modern vehicles
  • Deter electronic theft of modern vehicles

With Disklok’s reassuringly mechanical attributes, it is the one device you can rely on to deter “keyless entry theft”. Although alarm systems and OBD port locks can be effective, they are hidden and will not deter entry to the vehicle, risking damage and increased insurance premiums. With the Disklok’s fearsome industry reputation, would-be criminals will simply move on to another victim, making this the best all round value investment on the market.

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